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My New Years Resolutions

It’s January 8th; how’s that “New Years Resoltuion thing going so far?” I always have great ideas to make changes and stick with it but I usually slide back into the same old habits that I promise to change.  I’m … Continue reading

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Do You Smell?

No really…what is the atmosphere when you arrive and when you go? Not physically, but spiritually…and quite literally. Some people have stinky attitudes, foul tongues, and and a cynical stench that pollutes everyone around them. They complain, criticize, and compare. … Continue reading

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Loving And Serving Judy

Judy lives within walking distance of  our church. With a history of medical and emotinal  problems her appearance and mannerisms can cause some to avoid her…but Jesus sent her here. She typically would come in for the Sunday evening coffee before … Continue reading

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