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My New Years Resolutions

It’s January 8th; how’s that “New Years Resoltuion thing going so far?” I always have great ideas to make changes and stick with it but I usually slide back into the same old habits that I promise to change.  I’m … Continue reading

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St. Patrick Still Teaches Us Today

When I was growing up, I always told my Mom , that St. Patrick’s day was “my” day.  It is special to me because of my Irish heritage, but now as a Christian, I treasure not only the heritage, and … Continue reading

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Worship Lessons from Isaac Watts

The debate over “modern” church songs and the “classic hymn” is nothing new. It seems with every generation in the church a new style or genre emerges. For some; new sounds, arrangements, and the artful poetic verbal imagery are welcomed … Continue reading

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Setting Sail

Well it’s 2015 and there are a lot of changes going on.  I  thought I’d take a moment to share with friends and ministry partners some of the changes that have taken place in my own life going into the … Continue reading

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The racism in me…

Once again, a tragic police shooting of a young black teen, Michael Brown, on August 9th, 2014 in Ferguson Missouri, has sparked national outrage, civil unrest, and the re-opening of our countries racial wounds often forgotten. There has been much … Continue reading

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Do You Smell?

No really…what is the atmosphere when you arrive and when you go? Not physically, but spiritually…and quite literally. Some people have stinky attitudes, foul tongues, and and a cynical stench that pollutes everyone around them. They complain, criticize, and compare. … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday To Me!

                                    Oct. 12th is a very special day for me…it is my 26th “spiritual birthday!” Here’s my story in a nutshell… My mother … Continue reading

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