About Me

Thanks for visiting my Blog. I am on a journey in life…as a Christian I integrate my faith into everything I do…I seek to bring redemptive grace to and through all the interests of my life.  You can read how I got here in a previous post, “Happy Birthday to me.”

My wife and family is the greatest treasure I have been given on earth… The opportunity to serve with my talents is an amazing joy…the people I get to serve and those who have influenced my life are gifts from above. I attend Grace Road Church and have been transformed by the Gospel of Grace. So Thankful for this fellowship and the Church family He has given us.

I pray you will find something among the pages on this blog that will bless you, encourage you, comfort, convict, and help you on your journey. If I can advise or assist you in anyway, please let me know.

Grace & peace,




1 Response to About Me

  1. Scott Wilson says:

    Hey. Pat, scott wilson here. First and foremost l love you brother , you are as true as the blue sky on a july day, I honestly mean that. You are one of the real ones, a true man of God who shows it every day of your life. My wife showed me your blog post on face book regarding your transition in 2015 and as always with you , you went the way our God wanted you to go. I truly wish only the best for you and Your family, you have touched many life’s with your Godly repeat , and I am one of them. We love you my friend, may our AWESOME God bless you and your family richly. Take good care. Scott Wilson

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