HEY! I Just Read On Facebook That Your Wife Is “HOT!”

flameIt’s inevitable…here comes the picture and post from one of our friends on social media telling us that their significant other is HOT! (For effect, be sure to use the “flame” icon.)

While I expect such commentary from our sexually saturated culture that values beauty, busts, brawn and butts; it often gives me pause as to why a Christian would do their spouse such a disservice by branding them with this comment.

Some things to consider, from a “mans perspective,” before you tell the world about your “burning hot babe!”


  • The moment your post lands and declares, “she’s hot,” every guy will inspect her to see if those claims are true..instead of “protection” you have now opened her up to “inspection.”
  • Maybe you feel the need to tell everyone that “she’s HOT” because she is insecure with who she is.
  • Maybe she’s not “HOT,” but this public declaration will boost her confidence.
  • Maybe she’s jealous and you need to prove to her “and the world” that you are not ashamed to declare her “hottness.”
  • Doing spiritual stuff for Jesus does not make her more “HOT.”
  • If a guy remembers your “HOT” post, they will be sure to size up your wife the next time they see her in person.
  • You would never introduce your wife to someone as, “This is ________, my “HOT wife,” but on Social Media, nobody blinks.
  • I’m sure you can think of a few more…

Declaring the “hottness” of your spouse does them and you more harm than good. And while most would say it is light-hearted fun, and most will comment, “You’re blessed,” for these reasons and many more, such improprieties produce critique, comparisons, and  confusion.

Tell your spouse that she is “Hot” in the intimacy of your marriage… bless God for the gift of love and language in your marriage…speak tender and exciting things out of your love and passion for your spouse, but spare them the public inspection that will naturally arise from your “HOT” post.


Grace and Peace….

Pat Tharp

(C) 2017 Pat Tharp





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