My New Years Resolutions

It’s January 8th; how’s that “New Years Resoltuion thing going so far?” I always have great ideas to make changes and stick with it but I usually slide back into the same old habits that I promise to change.  I’m trying to change that this year. Instead of making great promises of eating better, reading more, and exercising daily, I’ve decided to make changes incrementally…gradually…slowly…day by day…decision by decision.image

I was reading about Jonathan Edwards Resolutions and I really appreciated the background and insights I found here. Mine are not as lofty and spiritual as his, but in my modern context they are nonetheless just as important “for the glory of God.”

Since the majority of our social interactions happen on digital platforms, I’ve set up some boundaries to help better navigate my interaction in those areas. These are not in any particular order, just things I’m trying to do.

  • Have more self control on Facebook. I do not need to jump into every argument, correct every distortion of scripture, or rebuke everything that I disagree with, taken out of Biblical context or think that I have total knowledge on. I will show more kindness and patience to all those who are spiritually spooky, (God spoke to them) the over saved, (The Jesus-jukers) or the politically polarized and easily agitated person.
  • Spend less time on Social Media. Getting the latest updates on everyone else’s “perfect life” can be exhausting. Being consumed with my or anyone else’s”digital life” instead of the real life around me robs loved ones, opportunities, and the precious time I have left on planet earth.
  • Read my Bible more. Not for information, but to know Jesus more. Read larger chunks of scripture, not just a chapter or two. Get the total context of the Book.
  • Read more biography, business, and history books. I love these kinds of things.
  • Eat healthier and not roll my eyes when my precious wife says she’s making a “healthy dinner.”
  • Turn my phone off when I get home. If it’s an emergencey, they can call my wife.
  • Turn the TV off earlier, so we can all have “reading time” before bed.
  • Laugh more at myself… live more in the moment and love like Jesus does.
  • Get more sleep so I can be more productive and useful during the day.
  • Not let fear, regret, would-of’s, should-of’s, or could-of’s ruin my day, determaine my tomorrow, or crush my future.
  • Do all that I do, by God’s grace and strength, for the glory of God.

How about you? What are you doing to change this year?

Pat Tharp

(C) 2016

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