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I don’t know about you, but sometimes one of my greatest enemies is…”fear.” It can come with many different masks. Sometimes it’s the unknown…sometimes it’s the future..sometimes it’s failure…sometimes it’s frustration..sometimes it’s the what ifs..and the would-a, could-a, should-a regrets.

Fear never reminds you of past victories, it only stamps a question mark on your eyes. Fear never has an answer or a good result, it only brings the worse case scenario to the forefront. Fear is like a bad song stuck on repeat that never ends. Fear always drives you into a corner with no way out and no hope available. Fear never stabilizes, it only paralyzes.  Fear doesn’t create, it stagnates. It’s like a led anchor that won’t let you go. It’s like a chain that has no key. It’s like a door that is always locked. Fear is controlling and sucks all life and light like a black hole. Fear can be a monster that continually grows.

The reality about fear is that it is a lie that either we tell ourselves or someone else is trying to convince us of. The only way to kill fear is to fight it with the truth.

As a Christian, I can choose to believe lies or believe what God says about me. I can believe in the hope, power, love, forgiveness, help, and wholeness Jesus brings, or I can lean on my own limited resources and strength.

As my life has unfolded, and new paths have been cut, I have found the most practical way I fight fear is to do the very thing I am fearing most, and trust the results into Jesus’ hands.

Things will never turn out the way we expect, BUT, the majority of our fears that we face never come to pass either.

Fear is a daily battle, it’s not a one time fight. It’s a choice we have to make every day. Having a spouse or a close friend to cheer you on does wonders for your heart. Praying through fears and taking the next step will help you cut those monsters down to size.

What fears are you facing? Take the step forward to face fear with faith and move forward with assuarnce. Isn’t it time to do something about it. I dare you to move.

Pat Tharp

©2015 pattharp.com

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1 Response to FEAR NOT!

  1. The things your write are so true, fear is of the enemy and it seeks to render us useless for God . Our God will do wonderful things in our life If we stay in Gods word, speak the truth over ourselves and never stop praying . “If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” John 8:36
    Thank you Pat for sharing this, God bless you!

    – Anthony

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