8 Things I learned from vacation


Original Picture (C) 2014 pattharp.com

Monday is almost over and it is the day after being away from work, social media, and any of the daily rhythms that I got use to over the last 7 months.

I honestly felt very refreshed starting the day, and it felt like I was away for a million years. (That is a good sign) It took a week away to learn a few things.

  1. I needed a vacation more than I realized.
  2. Being away helped me re-establish some personal morning disciplines that in my previous busyness I had neglected.
  3. Creating memories as a family are some of the best treasures you can gather in this life.
  4. The world of social media kept on running without me..in fact, it looked pretty much the same.
  5. I was more tethered to social media than I had imagined.
  6. The space enabled me to make a list of priorities for September that I can focus on and complete.
  7. I journaled scripture, song lyrics, an outline for a leadership e-pub book, prayers, and some business plans.
  8. We are already planning next years vacation!

It’s always good to go, and its great to be back! On with the year!

What take-aways have you discovered this year on vacation?

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