You Need A Vacation…

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By the time you read this, I am already enjoying time away on vacation. I must confess that I have been itching to set my “I’m away” setting on my e-mail, and I’ve loaded up my Buffer app to time and date release posts while I am away.

Getting away on vacation does not have to be costly or extravagant, but you do need to be intentioanl in preparation and the execution of your plan.

Here is why you need a vacation:

  1. You are not God…While He does not “sleep or slumber, ” You and I are mortals who do not have an unlimited supply of strength, stamina, vigor, or days. The fact that we age and time flies by is proof that we are shadows and vapors. Down-shifting is wisdom.
  2. Rest and relaxation is a mercy… God gave His children a “sabbath” to rest, recharge, and enjoy Him apart from the demands of weekly work, Exodus 20:8. It is holy or separated from other days because it is from and for God.
  3. Space is a grace… Vacation is a space…it is a measurable location that allows for other things which don’t typically flow into our lives during a regular work rhythm. There is time for contemplation, prayer, reading, dreaming, reconnecting with loved ones, making memories, laughing, discovering, rekindling, and rebuilding. It gives us space to forge resolves, to repent, to focus on what really matters apart from the distractions, demands,  noise and social chatter that often surrounds us.

Here is how we planned for our vacation:

  1. We scheduled it at the end of a big, busy, crazy, life event… for us, it was our oldest daughter getting married. For some it could be at the end of a busy school year, work project, or even a tragic life event. More than a “reward” it was  a”light at the end of the tunnel that we looked forward to.
  2. We saved our money…as hard as it was, on top of the wedding. we budgeted for a week off and we were blessed with a free house to stay in while we were away.
  3. We  were intentional about the details…as much as I am a “free spirit,” when you don’t plan, there is confusion and chaos. We have our food planned, our eating out planned, our clothes packed, and everything in order. All my work related responsibilities are covered and set.
  4. “I” am unplugging from all social media… No email, no Facebook, no Twitter, no texting…nothing. The world of social media will go on without me. I am thankful for Michael Hyatt’s blog on “How to unplug while you are on vacation.” It helped me take the plunge. I want to be “present” with the ones I love, not distracted by telling others what I am currently doing or thinking. You need to “recharge.” (Great article)

If you don’t take a regular time off to vacation for either a weekend or week you are robbing God of opportunities, others of memories, and your self of necessary refreshment. make the space and receive the grace.

Where are you planning on going and when?

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