How should Christians respond to illegal immigration?

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 1.09.17 PMMaybe you’ve noticed…”illegal immigration” is a hot topic with many opinions on the subject matter.  Often these opinions are fused with political and social rhetoric that is broad brushed, biased, and bombastic.  The “left” and the “right” have chosen their sides and staked out their positions on the topic.

Recently I got caught in the middle of a rant on illegal immigration and the evils of our government from a fellow Christian. Looking at scripture, everything he said was wrong…but he refused to be wrong, and thus refused to be biblical on something that ran against the grain of his political persuasions.

This “conversation” got me thinking more deeply about the “lens” by which I view my fellow man, this fallen world, and my politics as a Christian; particularly this hot button issue of “illegal immigration.”

 I will say upfront that I have not experienced any of the fears that residents of border towns or communities have voiced,  and I do not have any or many of the answers to the questions on this topic. I am not a politician, but  I am a Christian.

And as a Christian, the answer should reflect scriptural guidelines that are consistent with the word and heart of Jesus as revealed in the Bible. Politics should not ultimately shape our social concerns and reactions, the Gospel of Jesus Christ should.

I thought about Dietrich Bonhoeffer and his stance against the Nazi regime, William Wilberforce and his stand against slavery, and the many Protestant Reformers who stayed in Geneva during the Black Plague to minister to the physical needs of their fellow man. Many others have stood against evil and stood for others because their faith and obedience to scripture was the lens by which they saw and acted on issues…regardless of the culture, political climate, or loss to themselves.

As I prepared to look at what scripture says about responding to “the orphan, the stranger, and the foreigner,” I came across this blog post from Félix Cabrera. He writes for “Coalición por el Evangelio, which “provides gospel-centered resources for the Spanish-speaking church in Latin America, Spain, and the United States. Originally written by Hispanics for Hispanics, this article opens a window to the Spanish-speaking church, context, and worldview.”

Felix said it so well, it is better for him to share it with you all. I am just the delivery boy. After you read the article, think about this.

Christians can either “play church” or “BE the Church.”we are ambassadors for Christ, 2 Cor. 5:20, we are the visible means by which Christ manifests His love to all people. Our citizenship is in heaven, Phil. 3:20, and our ultimate allegiance is to King Jesus as subjects of His Kingdom.

The bottom line is that we will either let scripture be the final word and guide to issues and ethics or it will our own selves and the influence of the talking heads of media and culture that shape our world view on any tissue.

Looking and acting on  issues  with the compassion of Jesus will truly preach the Gospel we “really believe.” Will the Church arise or will the Church retreat? Time will tell.

May we be joyfully bound in conscience and conduct to ALL of scripture as sons and daughters of King Jesus for God’s glory and the good of ALL people.



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