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The racism in me…

Once again, a tragic police shooting of a young black teen, Michael Brown, on August 9th, 2014 in Ferguson Missouri, has sparked national outrage, civil unrest, and the re-opening of our countries racial wounds often forgotten. There has been much … Continue reading

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8 Things I learned from vacation

Monday is almost over and it is the day after being away from work, social media, and any of the daily rhythms that I got use to over the last 7 months. I honestly felt very refreshed starting the day, … Continue reading

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You Need A Vacation…

By the time you read this, I am already enjoying time away on vacation. I must confess that I have been itching to set my “I’m away” setting on my e-mail, and I’ve loaded up my Buffer app to time … Continue reading

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How should Christians respond to illegal immigration?

Maybe you’ve noticed…”illegal immigration” is a hot topic with many opinions on the subject matter.  Often these opinions are fused with political and social rhetoric that is broad brushed, biased, and bombastic.  The “left” and the “right” have chosen their sides … Continue reading

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When A Friend Commits Suicide

With the recent death of actor/comedian Robin Williams, and the revelation that he died from an apparent suicide, we all come face to face with heartbreaking questions that have no obvious answers…the biggest question is “why?” Suicide always leaves a … Continue reading

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