Why Do We Waste So Much Food?

(C) Original Picture 2014 pattharp.com

(C) Original Picture 2014 pattharp.com

Why do we waste so much food? Every time I clear out the refrigerator I end up throwing away stuff that was not eaten, forgotten, or we simply “changed our minds” about.

Pastas, rice, bakery items, fruit, dinner leftovers, and large past due containers of sour cream and yogurts fill up and weigh down the garbage can.  Yes this picture is from our kitchen!

When you go to a restaurant, the individual portions are so extreme that it is rare to eat it all in one setting. A past TED talk by Tristam Stuart on the “Global Food Waste Scandal” is worth the viewing.  Portion control and over eating is another topic, but why do we waste so much food? If stewardship of finances and resources is a Biblical mandate, how about food?

Proverbs 13:25,”The righteous eats to the satisfying of his soul, But the stomach of the wicked shall be in want.”  If you eat till you are “satisfied” you will let your gut guide you, not your taste buds or eyes…there will be self control.

What can we do to stop wasting food, (which is wasting money,) and not only eat better, but eat what we buy?

  • Plan out your meals in advance before shopping that reflect proper portions for the size of your family.
  • Make extra to freeze for future use.
  • Purchase wisely- the “family size” is not often the best value.
  • Eat with a time margin before and after your meal so you are not rushed to simply clean off your plate and rush out.
  • Learn the rhythms and response in your family so that meal planning and consumption is equal to avoid waste.
  • Bring left over for lunch the next day.
  • If you are a Christian, try “fasting” a meal to spend time with Jesus in prayer or meditation.
  • Plant a garden so that fruits/vegetables are used on an “as needed” basis with a less likely hood to be tossed.
  • Create a compost bin/area to compost food that could easily be “reused” over garden and wild life areas.

Its not just the “starving kids in Africa” who should be on our mind when considering these things, but it is a stewardship issue with very practical and spiritual implications which we must consider.

How could you used to limit food waste?




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