5 Lessons For The Church From A Mosh Pit


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Sometimes you learn great lessons from unlikely places. I went to see The Chariot on their final tour in Buffalo NY recently, and took away some helpful insights that I learned from the “mosh pit.” While there are a variety of opinions on this style of music, the lessons from the stage floor are still appropriate.

The mosh pit is the inner circle of a crowd  that moves to the music in almost a mayhem-like frenzy; there is running in circles, going back and forth, pushing to and fro, people being lifted up and carried across a sea of raised hands, sometimes there are very acrobatic arm and leg motions similar to unrestrained karate movements, some people move like they are fighting off an invisible enemy, and some are simply spazzing out. It is hot, sweaty, sometimes uncontrollable, and often unpredictable.  It is quite a scene to behold.

Upon closer observation their is actually a symphony occurring, many parts and much motion.There are rhythms of rest, rejoicing, and renewal as the music plays and the audience engages. And as I stood at the edge of the crowd in observation, I saw a group of people displaying community that we could apply even in our churches.

  1. There is a common cause…the crowd is coming together for the love of the band or the love of the music, everyone is “in it together.”
  2. When you fall you get picked back up…as soon as a person hits the floor there are people around to lift you back up and get you “back in the “game.”
  3. When you lose something, people help you find it… a hat, a cap, a phone immediately when found gets raised to get picked up by the one who dropped it.
  4. There is a risk of getting hurt…despite the community, the care, and the cause, somebody is apt to inadvertently get hurt in the midst of the mayhem.
  5. To experience it, you need to be in it…the only people experiencing the “joy” of the pit where those in it

The Church has a common cause, the glory of God and the establishment of His kingdom.  The only agenda should be Jesus and His fame and His name…when you fall in the Church, people around you should be there to pick you up to get back in the game…when you lose something, a job, a marriage, a family member, the Church community should be there to lift you up in prayer until you are restored…Church is made up of sinners, so things get messy once in a while. You can get hurt, and hurt others, it’s the chance you take, but its well worth it…to experience the fullness of Church community we need to get off the sidelines of observation and out of the consumer line of consumption, and jump into the fray of where God has placed you.

Your faith will dry up and die if you are not actively engaged in the life stream of your church. The mosh pit teaches us, but will we continue to stand on the sideline and blow the whistle or play in the game?

Missionary Jim Elliot once said, ‘Where ever you are, be all there!”


Which lessons spoke to you the most and how will you apply it?

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1 Response to 5 Lessons For The Church From A Mosh Pit

  1. John Cole says:

    I think some people go to mosh pits to get drunk and hit people, so for them it’s not to enjoy the band or the music. Also, if you enjoyed learning this lesson then it seems one does not need to be in the mosh pit to experience some joy of the mosh pit. I didn’t go to The Chariot in Buffalo.

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